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  • K & D Systems UK Company

    Fire and Smoke Curtain

Hoonam Hirbodan

Hoonam Hirbodan is seeking to promote The level of the standards by using latest achievement of technology as well as experiences of the most developed factories and international security and firefighting institutions to get the honor of proper presentation of its service in all bases such as importing, producing of the firefighting equipment relying on the values of its experts human sources.

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If you intend to provide firefighting equipment, you can contact Hoonam Hirbodan in several ways. please read more.

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About us

Getting acquainted with Hoonam Hirbodan, the provider of firefighting equipment and fire extinguishers in Iran.

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On this page, see the list of firefighting equipment and fire extinguishing products of Hoonam Hirbodan.

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Here is a list of some of projects that the firefighting equipment and fire extinguishing products have been used.

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Hoonam Hirbodan

Hoonam Hirbodan Projects

So to keep safe above project they must be equipped with the high class international standards equipment. Hoonam Hirbodan equipment under High quality and international standards are the best choice in this respect. You can find some of production and the project that supplied by above equipment in the page.

Projects Products

A Letter by the Chairman of the Board

We are happy to live in a special period of the human history . The period that saving human lives is the major priority in all human civilization and all people around the world are trying to perform and promoting in this respect.

It is essential that in this situation, thinking and operating in this issue and in the frame of the worlds cooperation Must be the major responsibility of those who are active in social and economy Activity .

The phrase “Endeavour to protect” comes from the thought that care about this responsibility. Yes the mind of those who steps in this difficult but beautiful way must be full of challenge for the better protection .

Sometime We think that we should do something that this thought to be considered by the expects, operators and even by the people. When we say “Endeavour to protect” we wish to cry that we have made ourselves ready to try lovely in this way.

Official representative of Minova UAE company

The United Arab Emirates Minoa Company is a manufacturer of valves, pumps, fireproof doors and all fire station supplies in accordance with international standards.


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