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Smoke Stopper Curtain

Smoke Stopper Curtain

Fire Stopper Curtain

Fire Stopper Curtain


Type of System

  • 24 Volt DC Fire Curtain/Shutter  
  • 24 Volt DC Smoke Curtain/Shutter
  • 24 Volt DC Gravity Failsafe Fire Curtain/Shutter
  • 24 Volt DC Gravity Failsafe Smoke Curtain/Shutter
  • Failsafe Fusible Link Manual Motor Curtain/Shutter


Warrington Fire Research Centre has tested the system 1 to the following.

All materials shall comply with the K & D Systems Holdings Ltd test reports

  • BS EN 7346: Part 3:1990  
  • BS EN 1634-1 certified


This is the standard Fire curtain system. the maximum width is 8000mm on a single barrel and up to 80mts on our overlapping system and the maximum heights for both are 6000 mm. The size of the head box is 100mm x 100 or 200 mm x 200 mm or 150mm x 150mm single barrel and 200mm x 400mm on the overlapping system and is fully pre-wired with the internal motor limits set.

Head plates

2nr either 100mm or 200 mm or 150mm square mild steel plates x 2 mm thick or 200mm x 400mm with a 50 mm return for fixing purposes. Each plate has two 10 mm x 27 mm slots to carry M8 raw bolts with steel washers for fixing and nylon washers for expansion. Each plate has welded tags with M8 drilled and tapped holes to carry the coil casing

Support Plates if required  

2 No 147 mm square mild steel plates x 3 mm thick, with a 47 mm return for fixing purposes. Each plate has two 10 mm x 27 mm slots to carry M8 raw bolts with steel washers for fixing and nylon washers for expansion. Both plates have a 76 mm hole from the center of the plate to support the barrel in a fire situation.


A 24-volt DC tube motor housed inside the barrel assembly.


A mild steel tube with a wall thickness of 1.5 or 2.0 mm or 3mm, 60mm, 70mm 88mm 0r 102mm diameter depending on motor size.


2 No mild steel discs with a center bore of 23 mm to allow a 22 mm diameter mild steel shaft to run through the discs. One disc is welded to the shaft and then inserted in to the barrel; the second disc is slid over the shaft and welded to the barrel. A cast bearing is attached to the shaft and then bolted via M8 bolts on to the supporting head plate.

Back Box Cover

A flat steel plate attached to the back of the head plates 200 mm x 20 mm or 150mm x 20mm return x 1.8 to 2 mm thickness, width depending on site dimensions.

Front Box Cover  

A solid 1.8 to 2.0 mm galvanized steel casing to surround the barrel assembly. The head box consists of a top at 200 mm or 150mm with a 30 mm up stand, a front at 200 mm or 150mm and a bottom at 100 mm with a 20 mm down stand. The hood is slotted to allow M8 fixing to go through onto drilled and tapped tags on the head plate, and through the 30mm return at 300mm centers.

Side Guides

The side channels (guides) are a either 100mm x 50mm or 70 mm x 50 mm or 60mm x 50mm if required, channel with a fabricated return to prevent smoke leakage and keep the curtain retained during fire conditions. The channels are then welded to the support angle depending on site installation.

Fixing Support Angles or Box (Guides)

The fixing support angles are welded to the channels; the Guides are constructed of 50 mm x 70 mm mild steel. The angles on the opposite side of the channels have a 10.5 mm diameter hole at the bottom of the angle to allow for a M8 raw bolt. The angles then have 30 mm x 10.5 mm slots for M8 raw bolt fixings at 600 mm centers.

Bottom Assembly

The bottom assembly (rail) is constructed from 2 No 25 mm x 2 mm flat bars back to back with 10.5 mm holes for M8 bolts to allow for movement in the event of a fire. The 25 mm side is against the fabric and a fabricated steel rail fastened over the top. The weighted bottom rail also allows the tension to be kept on the curtain in the downward movement and keep it in place under a fire situation. In a fire situation the bottom bar will expand sideways locking against the guide channels preventing movement and lift.


ALPHA MARITEX 4415-2-SP(SC) is a stainless-steel wire reinforced glass fabric with a specially formulated micronized aluminum polymer which provides a heat reflecting surface as well other properties for the manufacture of smoke and fire curtains, blinds, cavity wall fire barriers and other types of smoke and fire control systems. This material is halogen free, offers more rigid handle and improved hydrolysis resistance compared with standard polyurethane coating.

Electrical Requirements

The automatic curtain power requirements should be fed from a maintained 240volt, 5 amp fused spur within 1 meter of the panel position. The actuating mechanism shall be operated by a normally open volt free signal from the fire alarm or localized detection system, to ensure that the curtains assume their fire operation position at the earliest opportunity in the event of a fire. Overriding/test controls shall be provided as part of the control system.

Battery Back Up

When the mains power fails the unit will remain in the fire ready position until power is restored. If a fire alarm is activated whilst the mains supply is off the unit will fail safe to its fire ready position.  

Split Drop Delay

All our curtains have a split drop delay facility, follow the easy steps in the instruction manual on how to set up the unit to your desired heights. If you require further assistance just call our technical team and we will guide you through step by step.

 Audio / Visual

he panel has a built-in siren and an external light’, when the alarm is activated the unit will activate a siren and illuminate the light to warn of the curtain is about to descend. A time delay can be activated before decent to allow people to escape before the curtain descends. The audio / visual facility can also be deactivated if required.


A key switch is fitted as an option (see 2.2 for key operation), this can be changed per customer requirements to a push button switch or remote-control system. If a push button is attached, then press the relevant up/down button to raise and lower the curtain. If a remote control is installed the receiver will have one button on the front, press once the curtain will lower, press again the curtain will raise, if you press whilst the curtain is moving the unit will stop. Press the button again and the curtain will either raise or lower depending on the last operation.